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Buy Dish Network Direct TV Satellites vs DIRECTV

Buy DIRECTV Satellite System vs Dish TV = Savings    DISH TV subscribers spend less - and get more. You will save money with Dish Network

Buy Satellite TV Limited time DIRECTV offer: No start-up costs, instant online rebates, FREE DVR or HD upgrade.

     • Places online order for  DISHTV satellite TV providers
     • An installer sets up your equipment, and inserts a special card into the satellite receiver which “activates” the service.

DISH Network by DishPronto

Dish Network Direct TV Satellite $24.99 start up

Access major local networks available in most major cities. DISH consumers get:
Local channels included
Get over 120 of your favorite channels, including ESPN, Disney, CNN and Discovery Channel

No equipment to buy. No start-up costs.
Free installation .
100% digital picture and sound on every channel
Higher customer satisfaction rating than cable – 7 years running.
Add over 70 HD Channels for $10/mo. Upgrade.

Buy Direct TV Value DISH NETWORK consistently provides more channels, per dollar, than Cable TV. In fact, Dish provides its subscribers with access to more PPV movie selections and sports subscriptions.

DISH Network has 6 program packages with prices starting at $24.99 per month. Programming includes everything you can imagine - drama, comedy, variety, sports, movies, news, weather, games, and more.

DISH has 350 channels which includes 31 movie channels, 60 Sirius radio channels, 24 international channels, more than 120 HD channels, and 75 pay-per-view movies per month.

Or ... there is always an alternative: DirecTV

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Integrity DIRECT TV has been recognized for 2 consecutive Highest Scores for Customer Satisfaction awards among satellite and cable TV providers.

Choice DISH Networks vs DIRECTV's channel packages

     • local channels in 100% digital quality.
     • access to over 120 High Definition channels.
     • access to up to 75 Pay-Per-View movies every month.
     • access to 60 commercial-free audio channels.

Satisfaction Consumers' monthly bill will remain consistent, month after month. No Hidden Fees. Plus, DIrec TV subscribers can:
     • customize their channel selection - anytime - at no extra charge.
     • move their service to a new location at no extra charge. Buy DIRECTV Dish

Buy Direct DISH TV Dish Satellite System

   DISH Television Systems • DISH Television with TiVo • Direct TV Satellite System with HDTV • DISH Television Receivers and Accessories • HIGH-DEFINITION Television • RCA Scenium Store • Big Screens HDTV • Flat Panels - HDTV • DISH Network customers with a DuoDVR™ ViP® 722 or 622 or Solo DVR ViP® 612 HD satellite receiver can now enjoy near limitless DVR storage with the addition of an external hard drive.

Many people get fed up with cable TV raising their fees and subscription rates. So once you have established exactly what you are looking for and are ready to switch for a satellite TV you’ll get not only more broadcast channels, but less out of pocket expenses and at a great discount on the service contract . Broadcast companies have different channels and different cost structures. There are the cable companies and there are two main satellite TV companies, DishTV Network and DircTV.

Compare DIRECTV $29.99 start up vs Dish Network Direct TV Satellite $24.99 start up












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